The Happy Little Patties of Jamaica


Mmmmmm…goes the subtle hum of the freezer inside Patties of Jamaica as it beckons you to a bag of tasty patties.  If you look up you’ll see a sign welcoming friends to the traditional Jamaican pastries whose flaky yellow shells smile up at you as if they can’t wait to tell you their secret, “Psssst … I’m filled with delicious ground beef and zesty Jamaican spices!”  You can take a frozen bag of these eleven treats home, spicy or regular, for $11.00 (that’s only $1.00 each!)  Or, stay and eat them fresh out of the kitchen along with some other traditional favorites like Curried Goat or Chicken Stew (only $4.00!).  The Caribbean jerk wings sell out everyday so get there early!

Don’t be fooled by the meager atmosphere and the two tables; it’s all about the patties which are traditional to Jamaica, just as burgers are to America.  It’s a quick fix and a tasty deal, especially if you’re on a budget.  Say ‘hello’ to Stefan while you’re there.  His parents moved from Jamaica to be here in Indiana with his mother’s family during the economic hardships of the 1970s – and of course humbly brought with them the patties of Jamaica.  And we’re glad they did!

Patties of Jamaica on Urbanspoon

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